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Stuffed Peppers

Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Classic stuffed pepper recipe using ground turkey. Some tips on ground turkey. It is leaner then beef, especially if you use the all white meat kind. It is subject to drying out and needs some help, things like onions, apples, carrots can give it the need moisture. I also add an egg to most dishes I make with ground turkey. And the best tip is not to over cook it. I use a probe thermometer and cook it to 175. That is 5 degrees shy of done. The carry over cooking time will do the rest.


1 package ground turkey breast

1- egg

1/2 Cup- instant rice

1- small onion chopped

1/4 – cup parm cheese

Herbs and spices to your liking

I use poultry mix, grill rub, salt, and pepper

1- can condensed tomato soup

4- large Red Peppers with tops cut off and cleaned out (choose one that can stand)


Mixing bowl

Baking dish

Cutting board


Clean Hands

Probe Thermometer


Oven 375

1- Open the soup can and pour ¾ of it into the bottom of the baking dish

2- Cut and prep the peppers, stand them up in the baking dish, I use a round corning ware one where they touching and in very tight.

3- In a large mixing bowl mix turkey, egg, rice, onions, parm, herbs and spices, and the rest of the tomato soup together with you hands. Mix gently and don’t over mix.

4- Place filling into each pepper. Insert a probe into the filling the largest pepper.

5- Bake uncovered until the thermometer reads 150, sprinkle the tops with more parm cheese, and continue to bake until 175.

6- Let stand a few minutes before serving. Great Leftover!