Planning Life- One Week at a Time

At last some decent weather and I can fire up the grill! Throughout the spring and summer I use it as much as I can. I hate to turn the oven on in hot weather. I’m using it 5 nights this week. All the meals can be made indoors if needed.

Sunday- BBQ Chicken with cucumber salad and corn on the cob

Monday- Ham and Turkey Sandwiches with salad

Tuesday- Country style grilled spareribs and pasta salad

Wednesday- Grilled Chicken Fajitas with veggies, salsa, and avocado

Thursday- Cheese burgers and fries

Friday- Pasta in a light sundried tomato cream sauce and caesar salad

Saturday- Pork Loin with mashed potatoes and snap peas

Sunday- Take Out (Mother’s Day, now way I’m cooking!)

Sunday’s BBQ Chicken Legs
I can call this recipe BBQ because it is a low and slow method of using my grill. Most things I make out there are hot and fast, burgers, chicken cutlets, etc. But these Chicken Legs take about an hour to cook so plan ahead. I use a gas grill for multiple reasons. Control over the heat, lights in seconds, and easy clean up. Propane baby!!!


Chicken Legs and Thighs- about 8 pieces (I did all legs this time)

Vegetable oil

Grill seasoning

1 cup of your favorite BBQ sauce


Gas Grill

Spring loaded Tongs

Work bowl

BBQ Sauce Brush

Wire grill Brush

Small mixing bowl

My Favorite BBQ sauce:

I fancy up a bottle kind.

½ cup ketchup

½ cup BBQ Sauce (I like Sweet Baby Rays)

Then a splash of the following


-Balsamic vinegar


-1 garlic clove chopped up fine


1. About 30 minutes before you are going to start grilling take the chicken out of the refrigerator and place in the work bowl.

2. Coat the chicken pieces with a little vegetable oil. And sprinkle with grill seasoning. Toss with your hands.

3. And hour before you are going to eat light the grill and put all burners on high heat for 5 minutes. Take your wire grill brush and give the grill a scrub. A clean grill will help to prevent flare ups.

4. Turn the heat down to the lowest setting on all of the burners. Place the meat evenly on the grill. Close the lid.

5. Set a timer for 10 minutes. After ten minutes turn the meat and rearrange as needed for hot spots. If things seem too hot turn off the center burner. You want to be cooking at around 300 degrees.

6. Turn the chicken every 10 minutes for the next 30. In the mean time prepare the sauce.

7. Coat the chicken well on one side with the sauce. I really like a silicone brush because it cleans easily and the bristles don’t fall out. Allow to set for abut 5 minutes.

8. Turn the chicken and coat the other side with sauce. Give it another 5 minutes to let the sauce set but keep the heat low because sauce can burn quickly.

9. Remove from the grill to a serving plate. Let stand at least 5 minutes. Serve with your favorite sides. I did corn on the cob and a fresh cucumber salad.


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  1. Bunny Eats Design said:

    Gorgeous colour! I love all the flavours in this mixture, no salt though?

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