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Almost Spring

Another week, another challenge of getting food on the table.  Between my work schedule, daycare and DH’s work schedule I have little time.  I can’t get to the supermarket until Wednesday night.  So we are relying on what’s around for a few days.  The cheese steaks are super easy.  The meat comes pre-sliced and frozen.  Look for packs that say 100%.  It can be purchased fresh and is labeled shaved beef. 

A short cut this week is to cook double the amount of rice and veggies on Thursday and eat them with dinner Friday.  Not that they are so hard to make but if you are cooking already why not reheat them the next day?

I’m test driving fish on the twins as well.  This is going to be interesting.  They have had tastes of fish off my plate before but this is a first as a meal.  DH hates fish so he will eat the Orange Chicken twice. 

Monday- Cheese steak sandwiches (lots of sautéed mushrooms, peppers and onions!)

Tuesday- Ravioli with homemade meat sauce (frozen, dinner will be on the table in 30)

Wednesday- Chinese take out, the kids love Lo Mein!

Thursday- Orange Chicken, Rice, Veggies (make double the amount of sides)

Friday- Baked Lemon White Fish (garlic, white wine, lemon butter, bread crumbs)
Serve with sides made on Thursday

Saturday- Brinner (busy weekend, quick and easy)

Sunday- We will be home late, dinner may be a snack, leftovers, or something out of the freezer


Terrible 2s

A year ago my twins were culinary stars.  Happily eating everything I presented them.  Broccoli yum!  Squash yum! Roasted chicken yum!

Two years old is turning out to be a quite a challenge, times 2.  My twins have become increasingly picky and cranky at mealtime.  They eat at a snails pace and turn there nose up at 50% of what I put in front of them.  I know dinner is their weakest meal.  They love breakfast, like lunch, and pick at dinner.  Even old favorites and stand bys don’t cut it some nights.  But I refuse to get into a battle at the dinner table. One dinner is made and served to the 4 of us.  And they may eat as much or as little as they like. Their language skills are a bit behind so refusing food comes in the form jaws clamped shut and “Noooo!” So after offering one bite on their fork that’s it they can sit with us and not eat.

So what have my kids refused to eat this week?  I made a great Cheddar Broccoli Soup last Friday.  They wouldn’t even taste it. The next day I tried again.  DS did eat a drop.  DD ate half her bowl.  Not bad. The crackers on the side got eaten of course.  Last night was spaghetti and meatballs with salad.  By far an absolute favorite.  After 2-3 bites they were done.  They each pushed themselves away from the day in protest.  Such is life.  As with all things as a parent, this to shall pass… I hope.