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One Working Mom – Meal Planning

Today is the anniversary of my return to the working world.  One year of being a mom who drops her kids off at daycare at 6:45 in the morning. One year of balancing my teaching career, boy/girl twins, and a photography business. And one year of cooking dinners that are quick, healthy, and tasty.  After consulting other working moms I decided to start this blog on how I do it.  It might not be the best way but it’s what works for me!

How do I do it?  How do I get a home cooked meal on the table 6 nights a week?

I plan and I have rules.  First the rules:

-Food shop once a week

-Plan a week in advance

-Clip coupons

-Use the sales flyer

-Plan at least one meal that will turn into two

-When in doubt use something from the freezer

-Shop with a list

-Stick to the list

-Take out once a week

As for the planning I sit down on Friday or Saturday morning with a piece of paper.  I list the days of the week and think about what we have around, what I want to eat/cook, and what is on sale at the supermarket. I make a list of meals.  It goes on the refrigerator and we stick to it.  DH (dear husband) loves to look ahead, sometimes happy, sometimes not!  My twins, G & L, are almost 2 years old, they have their likes and dislikes but are pretty content to eat what I make.  DH also has his likes and dislikes.  For example he doesn’t really like Mexican food, where I could eat tacos or fajitas once a week. He scored my chicken-black bean enchiladas 3 out of 10 last week.  G ate his (sorry daycare you got the diaper), L picked at it. And I had two helpings.  Shrug, can’t win ‘em all.

So what is family my 4 eating this week?

Saturday- Garlic studded London broil, mashed potatoes, and steamed broccoli (London broil was buy one get one free! The 2nd one is in the freezer for another week)

Sunday- Cheeseburgers, fries, and steamed broccoli (left over)

Monday- Lemon chicken, rice, and sautéed zucchini (double duty dinner, chicken will be cooked for another meal)

Tuesday- We have been invited out to eat, mom gets a night off!

Wednesday- Cream of mushroom soup chicken bake with egg noodles and mixed veggies (chicken made Monday)

Thursday- Sheppard’s Pie (already cooked in the freezer on Saturday, mashed potatoes from Saturday’s dinner)

Friday- Homemade pizzas with veggies on top (dough rounds from the supermarket’s pizza place)

Wait that means I’m only really cooking from nothing 4 nights.  The rest of the week is a mix of leftovers and already made meals.  I can do this!  Be back soon, let’s see how it goes.